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Packing List




Here's an example of the what we packed for 8 days of bareboating:

bulletairplane tickets
bulletreef runners - these are those cheap little water sport shoes. Quite handy for exploring reefs.
bulletboat shoes
bullet2 pair shorts
bullet1 pair jeans for trip down
bullet5 t-shirts
bullet1 long sleeve shirt
bullet1 sweatshirt only used in the airplane
bullet1 waterproof foul weather jacket
bulletbathing suit
bulletplenty of sun screen
bulletbig towel - they give you towels, but a big beach towel is nice to have sometimes.
bulletDramamine, ibuprofen, etc
bulletmoney - currency is US dollars in the BVI
bulletdriver's license
bulletdisposable waterproof camera - these can be fun to have along although the pictures are usually hit or miss.
bulletsnorkeling mask - they have them at the Moorings, but if you have one you like, might as well use it. We use their fins though.
bulletsunglasses - YOU WILL NEED THESE
bullethat that stays on in the wind
bulletCDs & tapes - (Moorings 445s have a CD changer)
bulletaddresses - got to write those post cards
bulletBVI cruising guide
bulletflashlight - every time you get in the dingy, bring the flashlight with you
bulletLeatherman - ever since we lost a mast in the middle of San Francisco Bay, and the leatherman was invaluable in helping us manage the twisted rigging, we've taken a Leatherman with us whenever we sail

Electronic Gadgets

bulletGPS - the boat had one, but I had to bring mine for fun
bulletVideo Camera - Its really difficult to get good pictures on a pitching deck
bulletPortable Short-wave Radio - handy for news and weather when you are so inclined
bulletHam Radios - we use 440Mhz handhelds for communication with each other when we are apart

Items to leave home:

bulletwork - you won't do any, so why have it there nagging at you?
bulletbulky heavy jackets
bulletstress - you should concentrate on your sailing
bulletfancy clothes - in the BVI dress up usually means shoes, shirt & no wet bathing suits
bulletsnorkeling fins - Moorings has a pile them
bullethard sided suitcase - soft duffel bags are much easier to stow
bulletblack soled shoes - they mark up the deck