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Yes boat food is a lot better than airplane food. There are plenty of restaurants in the BVIs, but its also can be fun to eat on the boat. There are plenty of grocery stores for stocking up on supplies, but it is probably easiest to use your chartering company's provisioning service. The galley should come fully stocked with pots, pans and utensils for cooking. The barbecue in the upper right of this picture latches on to the railing for grilling burgers and the like.
We had a great time eating out on the deck of the boat every night as the sun set. Those hours between anchoring and sleeping can be a magical time. There is a certain romance to eating a nice meal aboard your boat as the sun sets in a tropical paradise. On the other hand, a crowded anchorage can also feel like a cross between a KOA campground and a truck stop with all the diesel engines running to charge the refrigerator for the evening. Carefully chosen anchorages are the key to an exciting and relaxing vacation.

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