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No Anegada is not part of the lyrics to a famous 60s rock and roll song! Anegada is one of the British Virgin Islands (BVIs) in the Caribbean. It is the only reef based island in the Virgin Isles (the rest are volcanic). Even though it's 9 miles long, it's a mere 28 feet at its highest point. The yachtsman approaching Anegada must navigate through the reefs that are scattered with 300+ wrecks before arriving at the sandy shore.

One of the many wrecks around Anegada

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We are sailing enthusiasts who live in the San Francisco Bay area and enjoy sailing in the BVIs. We have put together these resources about sailing in the BVIs just 'cause we like it so much. This is a service for ourselves and other charterers. We don't get paid for it! Don't you think you'll get more accurate information from a bunch of enthusiasts than you'll get from people who are trying sell you something? We are interested in collecting people's actual experiences chartering. If you enjoy sailing and have suggestions or comments about these pages, you can contact us at sailing@anegada.com.

We will be expanding these pages throughout the year so please bare with us as we grow. Better yet, help us out by sending us your contribution.


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